My Turn to Pop the Question

If you’ve been following this journal of life (aka my blog) for a while, then you know by now that I am anything but traditional. When it came to asking my bridesmaids if they…well…would be my bridesmaids, I wanted it to be different.

I love all of the weddings I’ve been in and all of the brides have asked me in very different ways. Some stay very true to the theme, some make up the most extravagant boxes and others write beautiful and thoughtful notes. 

As I picked my bridesmaids, I knew that they wouldn’t want things that screamed “bridesmaid” or clutter that would never be used past an Instagram post. I have six bridesmaids and they’re all so different to begin with, so I wanted it to be more of a reflection of me. 

My sorority days are long behind me so I wanted to steer away from crafts. I scoured through Etsy and Pinterest for days and nothing really stuck – I would fall in love and then just decide otherwise when it came time to purchase. Each bridesmaid proposal was handpicked and curated by me, with little personal touches for those I could ask in person and those that I had to send little boxes of love to. I really wanted to go a unique way and give something to my ladies that they could actually enjoy or use past the celebration period. 

I found the cards that I wrote to them on sale at Target (score!!) and they didn’t scream cheesy, but felt more like me and the way that I talk. Each card was blank on the inside, so I really poured out personal messages to each woman with snippets of our memories shared and how much they mean to me. Next, each gift had a Mini Leopard Print Scrunchie from Etsy; I love discreet leopard printing and these scrunchies just felt so right. I selected the cream, cognac, black and ivory prints to cater to each gal’s personality. These scrunchies came with the cutest little sentiment tagged on them, but they obviously can use them past the wedding festivities. 

We all know my love language is blooms, so I trekked down to Flower & Flour and grabbed a gorgeous rose for each lady. In the spirit of poppin’ bubbly because I’m getting a hubby, I threw in a black, reusable champagne tumbler. Additionally, I had Wedding Cake Candles that I found on Etsy.

The gifts were simple and sophisticated and I felt incredibly confident in giving them to each person. I can’t wait to continue to spoil these women for being part of such an important moment of my life and reminding them how loved they are!

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