The LAW Around Here

I figured after a much needed creative refreshment, it’s finally time to share my birthday brunch at LAW, a restaurant in the Four Seasons Resort and Club at Dallas (Las Colinas). 

This was 100% my plan for my birthday brunch last year, but seeing that my birthday falls right in the middle of April, 2020 made my plans change and pivot to a take-out type of dining experience. BUT! This year, I got to enjoy the Four Seasons in Dallas with my fiance, mum, sister and nephew. 

I don’t think the pictures do it total justice but I’ll share with you what we ate:

For a starter, we had the Pull Apart Cinnamon Bun, which was basically an elevated orange cinnamon roll. I know, if the chef from LAW ever sees that, he’ll probably have my head on a stick but it was still so delicious! 

I also ordered the Churro Pancake which is seasonal and honestly, I didn’t love it. I’ve always been hopelessly devoted to the Lemon Ricotta pancakes and the Lemon Ricotta French Toast so I was pretty disappointed that this wasn’t on their menu.

However, the Breakfast Burger was to die for. It was so perfectly moist and flavorful that I could eat it over and over again. And of course, washing it down with a mimosa is a must

It wasn’t the Four Seasons experience that I was used to, which I know sounds extremely pretentious, but all-in-all it was still incredibly delightful and delicious…just…different. And of course, a little vacation aways from reality never hurts! 

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