Scottsdale in the Zona

At the end of April, G and I went to Scottsdale, Arizona to see his siblings, celebrate birthdays and spend some time away from home and in some sunshine! I haven’t ever traveled with Garrett’s family so I was a little on edge, but it was the best time ever. 

One of my closest friends is from Scottsdale and I’m always a fan of the desert so I thought I would share some of my favorite eats there (as per usual) and then some fun activities! 

Where to Eat

Mastro’s Steakhouse: I used to eat at Mastro’s all the time when I lived in Malibu and Washington D.C. and it’ll forever be one of my favorite restaurants! If you go, you definitely have to order the Butter Cake! 

FourtillFour Cafe: I had probably the most insanely fantastic Lavender Vanilla Latte here. It was the perfect blend and excellent flavoring – I would definitely go back.

Berdena’s: In the same breath, I highly recommend getting a hot Lavender Latte at Berdena’s. And while you’re at it, get their raspberry scone because you won’t be disappointed. 

Kaleidoscope: Sunlife wasn’t open in Scottsdale, so we went to Kaleidoscope and it was just really, really good acai bowls. I miss a lot of the healthy food in Malibu so it was nice to give my gut some good eating while we were there! 

Where to Golf:

Eagle Mountain Golf Club: I know a lot of people love TPC but as an observer and not a golfer, I highly recommend Eagle Mountain. The terrain seemed really challenging and it was great to watch G and his family kill their game on it! Plus, there were little bunnies everywhere! 

It was truly the most relaxing weekend and the perfect way to hang out and chill before the 2021 baseball season began!

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