To Have and to BHLDN

Wedding dress shopping has come and gone for me and I am so beyond thrilled with my gown, it’s not even funny.

I went to BHLDN to look at dresses in Houston and honestly, it was amazing! I also had ordered two dresses to try on that were from online and I got to sip champagne in my hotel room while I tried them on and had the best time. I had seen on Vogue that a lot of modern brides are doing online shopping for their gowns and I truly recommend it and ordering a bunch (if your budget allows) and getting a hotel room to try them on with your favorite people. I did this and I’m so thrilled that I did!

Whether you’re shopping in person or online, I do have some somewhat helpful hints that you might want to keep in your back pocket! 

Decide How to Shop: I obviously chose to do both for the experience, because I’m only doing this wedding thing one time. I didn’t do any trunk shows which I know a lot of people recommend, but due to my body type and style, from the jump I knew what I was looking for. I ended up going into BHLDN in Houston for an appointment, ordered from Nordstrom’s Wedding Suite, ordered from Tadashi Shoji and browsed through The RealReal for different options. I highly recommend looking at consignment stores or looking for white formal gowns – it’ll be a fraction of the price! 

If You Pick from Online: Nordstrom has an excellent return policy so I didn’t have to worry about ordering dresses from there to try on at home, but places like Tadashi Shoji and Vow’d have strict return policies and standards so be highly aware and read the fine print! 

Keep an Open Mind: I’ll link some of the dress options I tried on just to show you how diverse the selection I was choosing from was: Nordstrom Try-On, BHLDN Try-On, Vow’d Try-On. I obviously didn’t go with any of those but I wanted to see if I were to be surprised by a style and weirdly enough, I was. My mum couldn’t believe the dress I chose, but I’m obsessed

Move Around and Eat Beforehand: I wanted to make a real-world experience so I scheduled my try-ons for after lunch so I could mimic what the dresses would look like after eating at the reception. I also moved and danced, ran and got down to see what the functionality and weight of the dress was. I also brought my wedding shoes to the try-on to see what it would be like to walk in the gown. 

Say YES to the Dress: When you’re ready to say yes, always ask for payment plans or discounts, because I got a 10% discount on mine and they might even forego charging you tax. 

I will need to get alterations and have some custom work being done to make it one-of-a-kind but I can’t wait to show you all the gown in. a. year.

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