The Bebe Edit: Ballparks & Babies & Balloons

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to remember 2019 – the year of the weddings! 2021 is definitely the year of the baby (shoutout to COVID-19) and I think I love it more! Being able to take a break from my own wedding planning to love on my girls and their soon-to-bes is one of the best feelings in the world!

Ever since Heidi had Olsen, I’ve been wanting to sprinkle more of my ladies with love for their little babies!

Thankfully, my friends have been totally on board with that plan, whether they know it or not! Recently, I was able to host another sweet shower for one of my incredible colleagues. Where Heidi’s shower took a trip to France and into the hundred-acre wood, this one took a nod to summer traditions and was a Ballpark Baby Shower!

This shower was a little different, and honestly more challenging for me, because it was a surprise! I personally hate surprises but giving a sweet gift to let our girl know how loved her and her baby are in the middle of the 2021 baseball season was a true delight! We had a onesie tie-dyeing station, so many snack stations set up, floral arrangements by yours truly AND the cutest balloon arch!

It was one of the most beautiful June afternoons to love on our girl and I can’t wait to meet her mini!

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