An Honest Bride: Eleven Months Out

I love how strong I was a month ago, saying that I wouldn’t hire a wedding planner. I am now eating crow and paying out for A Toast Custom Event Planning and I’m already so obsessed with these ladies so I know it’s going to be totally worth it.

Aside from that, June – July left me with a lot less tasks than being a year out so I’m excited to share some more of the wedding planning. 

Timeline – 11 Months in Advance

Book a Caterer: THIS ONE! It is so stinkin’ hard to live in another state than where you’re having your wedding. G and I set aside a weekend to head down to Texas and book our caterer. I highly recommend having your guest list 100% completed and know the aesthetic of your wedding. We’re opting in for a chicken dish and a fish dish because it’s light enough for a spring wedding and we’re also doing a vegan dish for some of our guests. 

Research Wedding Invites & Order Invitation Samples: This is easily one of my favorite things in the entire world. We’re using Papier for our wedding paper needs and I can’t wait to see all of the finished products because the samples have been to die for!

Schedule Engagement Photos: We’re doing our engagement photos in Colorado and we booked our photographer a couple of months ago. We found her on TikTok and I am obsessed with her personality!

Now onto the Tips: 

Private Vows: This may not be a tip yet, but Garrett and I are already planning with our planners and photographers on how we want to conduct exchanging our vows. Our plan (for now) is to exchange our personal, hand-written vows with one another before the ceremony and then exchange traditional vows in front of friends and family. So, while we’re on that subject, we ordered our vow books from Print Smitten in navy and creme and I love them! They are perfect and it’s such a sacred and sweet moment that I want to remember all of the words for forever. 

Remember the Guests: In the spirit of writing vows and writing things down, I’ve also been purchasing the little items that add up quickly as time passes by. I recently created and ordered our Guest Book for the wedding and in the least shocking news, it was from Papier. 

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