OKCoffee Crawl

For Nick’s birthday in his new city and state, I wanted to really cater to his likes and do something extra special for his birthday! One of my friends recently went on a coffee crawl and I don’t think there’s anything that screams Nick more than drinking copious amounts of caffeine for an entire day!

We only went to four coffee shops, none of which he had been to. We tried all of the tea and coffee bean, and as to be expected, I’m here to tell you about it!

Clarity Coffee: The first stop was Clarity and this is one of my favorite coffee shops that I stop at before going to church on Sundays! I ordered the Berry Hibiscus Tea Lemonade which I can’t stop thinking about. Nick ordered an Espresso Creme Soda and Garrett ordered an Iced Espresso. We started out way too strong and this was our favorite of the day!

Coffee Slingers: In a totally different vibe, we went to Coffee Slingers next. I ordered a Dirty Chai, Nick got an Americano and to no surprise, Garrett ordered another Iced Espresso. The vibes were super interesting and it’s in a great location so we would highly recommend it as long as you’re not waiting in line behind a bachelorette party like we were. 

Evoke: I love Evoke! One of my best girls had her engagement party there and it’s such a fun social outing when you want to grab coffee with a friend! Their hours have been changed completely since COVID-19 hit so that’s a bummer but I stand behind them having some of the best matcha in the OKC area. That being said, I ordered a Matcha Latte, Nick drank a Flat White and Garrett remained on brand with an Iced Espresso.

Our last stop…

Ellis Island: Garrett and I used to always go to Ellis Island and hadn’t been in almost a year! They were out of what I originally ordered, so that was a bummer, but it was the perfect endcap to our Coffee Crawl. I ended up with a Peach Tea, Garrett with a Matcha Ginger Tea and Nick with a Cold Brew. 

It was such a fun day and I highly recommend putting something similar to this together for your coffee loving bestie or sibling! It’s so simple and the experience is truly so much fun!

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