An Honest Bride: Ten Months Out

I feel so behind on the wedding planning after having a game-filled July to take up pretty much all of my time. The positives are that we went to Colorado to take our engagement photos but everything else just fell, sort-of, flat. 

Timeline – 10 Months in Advance

Save Flower Photos: The flowers are my favorite aspect of the wedding and essentially the central theme of everything that we’re doing. I’ve always obsessed over all things floral so Instagram Saves and Pinterest have been my best friends when it comes to compiling all of my floral dreams. 

Buy Wedding Attire: I bought my gown in May and my veil has come in and I can’t wait to see the two together! Most people don’t order their attire until ten months early but with working in baseball, I decided sooner was better than later. I’m still so obsessed with my gown so I can’t wait for the day that I get to show everyone! 

Research Florists: I am beyond thrilled with the florist that we decided to go with and how she’s making all of my floral dreams a reality! I originally wanted to go with the Rogue Rose but was told that I didn’t have an “order large enough” so I would have to wait until three months before my wedding to see if I could use them. Obviously that’s beyond horrible on their end, so finding a better fit was a must! Now I’m so thrilled with who G and I are using and cannot wait to see how gorgeous everything is!

Save Cake Photos: We’re not doing a traditional cake for everyone to eat off of but more of a dessert table – I’m so excited to see how this comes to life in the coming months because the pictures that we’re using for inspiration already have me drooling! 

With all of that being said and taking our engagement photos, all of the fun things are starting to come to life and I’m thrilled to see what month nine brings!

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