You’re My Rock, My Colorado

If you have me on social media, you know by now that my Grandmother died a week ago. It’s been hard. Brutal, really. She had Alzheimer’s so we lost her personality and spark many years ago but having this closure has brought an enormous amount of pain and sadness that I was completely unprepared for. Each day is getting a little bit easier and I am glad to be vaccinated so that I could spend time with family and lay her to rest next to her husband that she’s been separated from on Earth for over forty years. 

Now, onto much happier, joy-filled memories – our trip to Boulder. Garrett and I went to Boulder at the beginning of the month to take our engagement photos with the incredible Sarah Kempers. I’ll go into that post more when we have more photos, but I’m thrilled to share some of the fun that we had before and after the shoot. 

Where to Eat

We started out our week at Avanti Food and Beverage where we ate at Rooted Craft Kitchen. We enjoyed a caprese salad and fish and chips which were incredible! The caprese was deconstructed and the pesto addition to it was drool-worthy. The fish were tempura fried which was really enjoyable, so I would definitely go back. 

The first morning there, we went to The Buff Restaurant which was sort-of a let down for me. I had an omelet but wasn’t really impressed with the price that we were paying for it. That night, we had our engagement photos, so we ended up rolling through Chick-fil-A since it was a late night and most places had closed haha

On Friday morning, we stopped by my favorite restaurant in Denver – the Denver Biscuit Company. They have the most magical food in the world and their strawberries and creme biscuits are some of the best things I’ve ever had. I got their waffle fries for something savory. I can’t continue to recommend this place enough if you’re in the area. 

As for one of my favorite places to add to the list, we had dinner at the West End Tavern! The lobster rolls are incredible, the environment is super fun and it’s in the heart of Boulder. I would definitely recommend getting a reservation, because it truly is the happening place.

Where to Play:

We did our engagement photos up in the Rocky Mountain National Park and I loved exploring and playing for every second of it. The scenery is stunning and the weather is awesome so it’s obviously a Hannah recommendation for sure!

On our full-day, we went to the Devil’s Thumb to hike. It had a lot of different options for trails at various difficulties, so it was really fun to just go out and be active with my fiance. 

I am a huge fan of Colorado so getting to continue to make memories there with Garrett has been a blessing in and of itself. I can’t wait for Garrett and I to continue to travel there each year, bring our future children there and enjoy all of the memories that are yet to come. 

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