An Honest Bride: Nine Months Out

August really put me on my butt – with a busy baseball schedule, I fell way behind in what I needed to get done for this month’s timeline. The good news is that I was pretty far ahead of the curve so I had a cushion of time to fall back a little on planning!  

Timeline – 9 Months in Advance

Research Officiants: This is something that I’ve really been slacking on and haven’t taken care of. Which is super stressful. Having a fiance of a different faith than myself and us not having that overwhelming influence from someone in our lives has made it almost impossible to find an officiant…so yes, we’re still researching!

Meet with Bands and DJs: We booked our DJ! We’re so excited to be working with Jonathan from DJ Grapevine by Kendall Entertainment! One thing that really drew us to work with Jonathan is that a portion of the proceeds from having him DJ goes to feed children in Zambia. 

Add Gifts to the Registry: This has been so fun! Garrett and I actually went in person to do our registering and it was so much fun to have the power of the scanner in Target! Our favorite things on our list are the Smeg Toaster, a Steamer and a whole bunch of games! 

Research and Meet with Cake Bakers: We originally met with a cake baker in June and it was an utter disappointment – she ghosted us. Literally. But, as fate would have it, we had the best time with our new and improved cake baker and we can’t wait to share the design process and how it all comes together! 

Decide on Bouquets: Ugh, this is my favorite thing ever! I think I’ve said this before but flowers are so important to our wedding and just envision a ton of white roses and you’ll be on track with what we’re trying to do.

Order Save the Dates: Haven’t done this yet, don’t want to talk about it and am super disappointed in myself. However, it will be done soon, G is just dragging his feet on getting addresses so once we have those, we’ll be good to go!

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