An Ode to the To-Do

I figured I’d take a break from writing about wedding planning and events to talk about the true love of my life – writing lists.

I have such an odd obsession with making lists and I feel like I might be the only person who takes it to the level that I do. I have lists on my phone, Google Docs, spreadsheets and paper lists in notebooks and planners. 

I love a good routine and that’s the most apparent when you look at my lists for work. Each week, I sit down and literally list out everything I need to do that week by day in my work notebook. My favorite mode of writing it out is in the Rifle Paper notebooks – they come in packs of three and always have the cutest designs!

For my list of things to do at home, I use my Google Calendar app on my phone, that way I get the notification in case I forget what I need to do while I’m at work. My weekly social calendar is in the most stunning, beautiful planner from Papier.

Having all of my lists in all of my little places is such a stress reliever for me. I feel in control and prepared…and most importantly…ready to be the most efficient version of myself.

I know a lot of people that just fly by the seat of their pants and that’s great, but I feel so much clearer and organized with all of my lists. I’ve tried bullet journaling and writing every single thing down in one place, and it’s always been more helpful for me to have everything go in its designated space and place.

My advice for starting your honey-do-list for yourself is to first find your preferred medium; it can be the Notes app on your phone, a gorgeous Hermes notebook or a simple Post-It pad. Then, find your method of transcribing. I’m super picky about the pens that I use so it can always change how I feel and memorize my lists depending on my pen-to-paper method. And, if creating and curating your lists is too stressful and you don’t know where to begin, start with something that you’ve already done so you can immediately mark it off! 

And, although it’s not my style, you can write down what you accomplished throughout the course of the day with a mood section or gratitude portion. Before you know it, you’ll have endless spreadsheets and notebooks like I do!

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