An Honest Bride: Eight Months Out

This was such a fun planning month for me! I had the most stunning bridal shower thrown for me by my Maids of Honor, we started planning the bachelorette party and there was so much less on my plate, so it was great! We also sent out our save-the-dates and I am so excited to reveal them and see everyone’s reactions to receiving them! 

Timeline – 8 Months in Advance

Research Rehearsal Dinner Venues: Garrett and I are still working on nailing down a location for the rehearsal dinner but I’m excited to see where we tour! I really want his personality to shine during this wedding event and for it to be a really great kick-off to our wedding. 

Choose Wedding Party Attire Photos: I have my Pinterest boards filled with all of the inspiration. I’m letting my girls wear whatever they want, essentially, so that they’re comfortable and have a choice in what they get to wear. Above all, I want them to be the most comfortable! For the guys, they’ll all be in the same suits but they’ll be able to pick their tie and let their choice shine through with that. 

Now onto the Tips: 

Be Selective: A huge pro-tip that made me feel a bit uncomfortable was being selective with our guest list. I will say, we added way more people than intended. However, by sorting our guest list early, we were able to weed out people who just aren’t that involved in our love story and figure out how much we might have to extend our budget…because costs per head are not cheap haha!

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