An Honest Bride: Seven Months Out

November brought on G and I celebrating our one-year anniversary of being engaged…which is bizarre. I never thought we’d be engaged over a year, but with COVID-19 and a high demand for literally everything, a longer engagement has been a true blessing in disguise. 

Timeline – 7 Months in Advance

Meet with Ceremony Musicians: As with most things in our wedding, we booked our musicians in advance and are planning on having a DJ for our ceremony as well. I love being able to plan out our music for our ceremony and pick songs that are so special to us, so I prefer that over a live band. 

Schedule Rehearsal Dinner Tours: We’ve only thought about one location for our Rehearsal Dinner and have sent out quotes so hopefully this gets locked down soon!

Decide on Vendor List: We have a hair stylist, people! I’m so excited that the literal only remaining thing left on my list is to find a makeup artist, which is excruciatingly painful at this point in the planning process. So the vendor list is essentially buttoned up!

Like I said…seven months out was super easy and it’s all up from here as all of the pieces fall into place!

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