To be Frank(furt)

If I’m being Frank, I didn’t love going to Frankfurt whenever I lived in Germany, but this trip changed that entire lapse of judgment! I love Frankfurt! 

Whereas Heidelberg and Frankfurt are in the same state, Frankfurt didn’t close down their Christmas Markets, and we were so grateful that they didn’t! The COVID-19 restrictions were still super strict but we didn’t mind at all. For insight, you could only drink in certain locations and eat in others; outside of that, you had to be masked up the entire time. 

We didn’t do an insane amount of exploring Frankfurt outside of the markets because that was kind-of our sole purpose of going but I’m excited to share our two days in Frankfurt with you! 

Again…for the good stuff…

December 16 

We had an easy morning in Heidelberg before we took a train to Frankfurt. For those unfamiliar with distance, Frankfurt is only about an hour from Heidelberg so it’s relatively close and easy to get to. 

We tried Apple Glühwein for the first time in both of our lives and it was…interesting! It made both Garrett and I cough a bit where the traditional Rot Glühwein doesn’t, but it was still a totally unique experience and something new for both of us. We explored all of the Romerberg markets before crossing the street and continuing our exploring.

When we went across the street to the Altstadt markets, we found more mainstream shopping surrounding the marketing. Garrett went to his holy land, the Carhartt Work in Progress store and we continued to drink Glühwein to warm our hearts and hands. We also got some Nutella crepes, which are a must when you’re anywhere in Europe but definitely when you’re in Germany. 

Since we were still taking it relatively easy, we grabbed a couple of gifts at the markets and returned back to Heidelberg for dinner and rest. 

December 20

We returned to Frankfurt for more Glühwein and shopping on one of our final days in Germany. While we definitely spent time back at the Markets, we focused more on the city shopping for this adventure. 

We started our journey off with Glühwein at one of our favorite locations in the Market and then went back to the Altstadt side of the markets. While we were shopping, I found the most incredible and intricate Bier Steins for my brothers at the market, so I quickly scooped them up. 

We found the most amazing and stunning vintage designer store where G surprised me with the coziest Burberry scarf, that I’ll hold onto (literally and figuratively) for the rest of my life and think fondly of us being half-drunk, freezing and stumbling around designer archives before finding the perfect tangible item to remember our travels to Frankfurt. 

I am so honored to be humbled by Frankfurt’s charm and city. I can’t wait to share all about Cologne to wrap up our Germany travels in the most condensed way I can muster. Tschuss! 

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