A Palm Sprung Bachelorette

I recently went from Moët to Mrs. in Palm Springs with my bridesmaids, Matron of Honor and Maid of Honor and…you guys…it was the bachelorette weekend of my dreams! We all escaped pretty brutal winters from Oklahoma, Texas, Washington D.C. and Oregon so going to the warm desert in the middle of February is truly what dreams are made of. 

My Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor and I planned the entire trip and even though there was one activity that we regretfully couldn’t do, the trip was a total success! I’m not a wild child anymore and I feel like I got my clubbing desires out when I was traveling to Italy, so a relaxing weekend with my favorite girls was exactly what I envisioned. 

We definitely went to some of the highest recommended places so now, I’m here to give you my review…as always! 

Day One: February 18

February 18 was a travel day for everyone and thankfully, all of our flights came in within a couple of hours of each other so we all got to spend a full afternoon and evening with each other. We kicked the trip off with lunch at In-N-Out (of course) and then headed to Costco to stock up on champagne and snacks! 

We arrived at the most incredible AirBnB (which I cannot recommend enough) and picked bedrooms and started to unpack. We decided to have a low-key night since we were all experiencing different time zones so Heidi (my Matron of Honor) and Corey (my Maid of Honor) were so amazing and made us an incredible dinner of chicken alfredo, salad and garlic bread. We then went into the pool and hot tub afterwards, did some shots and drank some champagne before going to bed. 

Day Two: February 19

The second day was arguably my favorite day! We started the morning off at Boozehounds. I had originally tried to book Norma’s at the Parker but I’m so glad we weren’t sent to the way of Boozehounds because it was everything! You do have to provide proof of vaccination or a 72-hour negative COVID-19 test to get in but once you’re inside, the aesthetic is unbeatable. The food was absolutely amazing from Bloody Marys to sweet potato hashes and avocado toasts. I also…and I can’t stress this enough…urge you to order their garlic-truffle-fries because they were out of this world! 

Following brunch, we decided to soak up the sun and have a pool day at the house. We took tons of photos (as gals do on a bachelorette trip), drank lots of champagne, sang lots of Hannah Montana, made TikToks and just really bonded with each other! It was so relaxing and so much fun…exactly the low-energy afternoon that I think we all needed. 

For dinner, we went to The Tropicale, which I think is a must if you’re traveling to Palm Springs. The food was amazing…not shocking. I had the brisket burger with melted brie and truffle mayo and it was pretty over-the-top but everyone truly raved about the steak salad…so head that direction if you’re going. We ended the night by finding Lisa Vanderpump’s star and then played some card games at the house. 

Day Three: February 20

This day…did not…go…as planned. We were supposed to go to the Aerial Tramway but due to high winds and sell-outs (that their website didn’t communicate), we didn’t have the opportunity to do so. I definitely pouted like a little brat for a while over this because it was something that I was super excited about doing.

However, my sweet gals made lemonade out of lemons and we went shopping, had a picnic and just really got our steps in instead! We went to The Shops at Thirteen Forty Five which definitely dented my wallet and took pink photos in front of the Trixie Hotel, which is absolutely stunning!

We had a really chill afternoon and then for dinner that night, I broke tradition and had the girls dress in white and I wore pink! We took beautiful photos in front of this white wall adorned with pink flowers and had the mountains in the background…I mean, swoon! We went to dinner at Tac/Quila which was my favorite meal of the weekend and the one I was most excited about! We had phenomenal margaritas, delicious entrees and state-of-the-art churro sundaes. After dinner, we went to The RetroRoom and sang all of the karaoke we could until our little hearts couldn’t sing anymore. It was a night that dreams are truly made of!

Day Four: February 21

The last leg of the trip so cue the depression. Margaux and Kenzie had to leave on earlier flights but the rest of us had later flights so we went to brunch at Jake’s. Again, I highly recommend the truffle tots – they were so good that we ordered two orders of them! We went and got coffee afterwards, walked around some stores that we had missed the day before and then went to catch our flights. 

I can’t express how much it meant to me that my girls traveled all over the country to make me feel like the most loved bride in the world over the weekend. It was what bachelorette dreams are made of and you’d be missing out if you didn’t plan your next girls’ trip to Palm Springs. It’s safe to say…we’ll definitely be back! 

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