An Honest Bride: Three Months Out

The Bachelorette Getaway is done, the invitations have been mailed and we are less than three months away from our wedding day! I’m not going to lie, this is the first time it’s started to feel real to me and I’m starting to get nervous about everything coming together perfectly but I’m so excited for the big day. 

Timeline – 3 Months in Advance

Mail Wedding Invites: done and done! We used Papier, literally our go-to for all of our wedding needs, for our wedding invites and they are stunning! They look even better than they did online and we’ve received so many compliments on them. 

List Accessories: I actually went through and listed out every single thing that was needed for the wedding day which included accessories. So far, I still need to order wedding bands (yikes), earrings and bracelets but the accessories I do have are my Manohlo Blahnik wedding day shoes, my Off-White reception shoes, my Kendra Scott cross necklace that my mum and sister have matching ones of and my veil! So I feel pretty good about where things are at on that end!

Add RSVP to the Website: I did this the day before we sent out our wedding invites because we aren’t doing mail-in RSVP cards, so it was really important to have all of the information on our site as soon as the invitations hit everyone. 

As things come together quickly, I can’t wait to see how everything turns out and my fingers are crossed is that our amazing guests will love it as much as we do!

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