Choose Your Fighter: Bridesmaid Edition

It’s me…hi…

It’s been a while, to say the least, and not totally by choice. I’ve been overwhelmed and, therefore, this online journal took quite the back burner in comparison to everything else. I did have the wedding of my dreams (with some hiccups) and am finally excited to share all of the excitement from it, albeit six months later. 

So, for my gorgeous bridesmaids! 

Back in 2018, my sister got married and she had all of her bridesmaids wear mismatched dresses. It was stunning and every girl looked their absolute best and most confident. When it came down to my wedding, I knew I wanted to do the same things. 

With different body types, unique styles, varying budgets and individual personalities, I wanted each of my best friends to shine through in the most them way possible! My whole goal was to take the power and put it in their hands so that they felt as confident and beautiful as I did on my wedding day.

A lot of brides think it’s best to use paint swatches to make sure that everything correlates seamlessly. I did not do this but I did have a spreadsheet of each girl’s dress that they chose as well as a document that I sent to them prior to dress shopping so that we were all on the same page on what my vision was.

The biggest thing to do, for me, was to give specific details so that there were no blurred lines. I explained that the dresses needed to be midi-length at the shortest. I also said that I didn’t want anyone to have any variations of red and no rhinestones or sequins. I did highly recommend floral patterns and was so excited that my maid-of-honor and one of my bridesmaids chose to go down that avenue!

I also found it was great to share the vibe of the wedding. I was having an outdoor wedding in June and in a garden…which gives a pretty clear vibe. In the document I sent the girls, I also included photos of examples of weddings that I believed nailed the look and had the same concept that I was going for.

Each one of my best friends looked absolutely breathtaking and brought my dream to life and I could not be more proud to be surrounded by the most incredible women to ever exist!



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