Some of Y’all Never Had Bacardí for Breakfast

After a restful night, we woke up to the sun through the curtains and the water hitting the shore and smiled because it was time to go on the Bacardí Distillery Tour!  This was probably my favorite day of our vacation and it was worth every penny spent. We started off with breakfast at Zest, … Continue reading Some of Y’all Never Had Bacardí for Breakfast

Sweet Sunday No. 30

The Good List: A bowl of popcorn at the ready, cheesy rom-coms on Netflix & warm hand-holds. What I’m Here For Beachy Pumpkin-Bum: While I was visiting family last week, I couldn’t resist taking Fenway on his first beach adventure! He loved the sand, hated the water...we’ll work on it! The beach is my favorite … Continue reading Sweet Sunday No. 30