One is Fun!

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“I want to move to a small apartment by myself in a new city and I want to decide which furniture I want and what I want for dinner and whether or not I want to stay out all night. And I want to travel and meet new people and fall in love and go have my own adventures.”

When I started this site, I had a lot of visions for it. I was going to be Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and I was going to eat pasta continuously while falling in love and then write about it.

With this new year and a celebration of our first birthday, I’ve realized that one is fun! The first year of something is generally terrifying and is always a struggle to find your niche and where you fit in among the others.

Since starting this site, I have traveled to 3 continents, 13 countries, and a plethora of cities. I have gone through a whirlwind of emotions in these places but have come out with the closest friends I could ever imagine.

I am beyond excited that we survived our first year among some of the greatest bloggers in the world. I am overjoyed that I am getting to continue on this adventure and share these experiences with you all.

I hope that I’ve brought a new and fresh perspective to the blogosphere with an honest reaction to the wanderlust and joy around me. Being a full-time student (had ya fooled thinking this was all I do), a full-time employee, and trying to devote time to my family while writing this – I have found that this is my escape and you all are my closest friends.

Thank you for believing in me and following along with me as I roar through the twenties of my life. With a new Instagram (shameless plug, plz follow) and a facelift to the site’s design, I am so excited for our second year.

Now time to eat cake and hug my besties.


A special thank you to our friends at Gueros Taco Bar for hosting us for our dinner. (seriously the best queso you will ever have)

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