Picnics, Storms, and Readings






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I remember when I was in Europe, one of my friends went on a road trip and all she could talk about was how it was the best trip ever. All I could continuously think of is when would that happen for me? When would one of my Innocent Abroad trips be the best trip ever?

Y’all it happened and it happened in Marfa, TX. I’ll get more into that in the next few days, but part of the excellence in that trip was at Balmorhea.

I was a mermaid, I had a picnic with lunchables, and dodged a storm with my work bestie, Corey. I highly recommend going to Balmorhea, but wear your sun screen. I didn’t and I am kicking myself for it right now.

The fishes were swimming, tickling, and interacting with us in the natural springs where you could actually open your eyes and see all of the beauty around you…right there on the ocean floor. (all of the puns…)

I had my closest and most non-judgmental friend with me, cool-blue water to dive in, and a plethora of endless sunshine to bask under. Balmorhea contributed to the best trip ever and I couldn’t be more thankful

Keep sticking around, because I have so much more to share about the BEST TRIP EVER.

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