Can We Speak in Flowers?

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I have an affinity for flowers. Not that it comes as a surprise to many of you. As you may know by now, I love all things bubbly, Parisian and floral.

Having fresh blooms in my home, and even at my desk at work, is so important to me. 

The first time I discovered my passion for arrangements and single buds was when I was in third grade. My teacher, (and biggest life-influencer) Mrs. White, and her family owned a flower shop and it was magical. This was the same year that I conducted a science fair experiment on what would make your flowers stay alive for the longest period. 

I’m not the biggest advocate of roses, although I do find them to be beautiful. My love blooms (pun intended) for one of the most difficult flowers to keep alive – the hydrangea. 

My home is strictly neutral, think a lot of grey and black so a fresh vase here and there adds a pop of color to my tiny abode. 

But how do I keep them alive? What did my third grade experiment prove?

Sugar. and. Sprite. 

The most success I’ve found in keeping my flowers alive, no matter if they’re from Wal-Mart or Trader Joe’s (and everywhere in between) is to cut off an inch from the bottom of the stem first. Then, I mix in one tablespoon of sugar into a vase of water and voila! They’re all beautiful and ready to go! I also go through each day with a spritz bottle and mist them so they’re absorbing in the petals as well.

Another option that I’ve found to be successful, albeit more expensive, is to add half a can of Sprite to the water before plunging in the arrangement. This is, of course, after you have cut an inch of the stems of the flowers. 

It is said that the Earth laughs in flowers and if that’s how it will be, then I’m all for joining in with this jovial beauty. 

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