Sweet Sunday No. 36

Photo Feb 17, 13 49 36

The Good List: Sparkling personalities & the sign of intellectual wealth.

What I’m Here For

My Girl!: I wrote an article about friendship a couple weeks ago & it was truly inspired by a reflection of missing my friends and evaluating each friendship. So when my bestie asked me to meet her in Dallas for the weekend, I jumped on the opportunity! Boys are cute and all but sometimes you just need some girl time with your best one!

Spreading Color & Positivity: I am so thrilled to share the beautiful necklace that my friend Erica sent me. Erica’s small business, Colour Expressionn, is full of creativity and awareness. There’s no one I’d rather support than this sweet, sassy sister of mine! This necklace, supporting mental health awareness is my favorite pop of color & I love telling everyone about how special it is and what it means.

Puppy Photo Phame: By the way, that’s phame as in fame. Haha. Anyway! Fenway got to come to the ballpark this week for a cute little photo shoot! He was so happy (he loves being the center of attention) & was over the moon that his bribe was salami and not the fruit bites his mum gives him.

Living in the Hall of Fame: I was able to go to a really cool luncheon this week for some athletes & coaches being inducted into the Hall of Fame. While the food was absolutely incredible, I really enjoyed hearing the conversations from the former MLB stars and their stories from highschool to playing on the same team in the majors.

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