Horton’s Getting Muery’d!

It’s officially engagement season and to kick it off, Garrett and I started it with an engagement party! Although we got engaged in November, we hadn’t had the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends because…idk…a pandemic is happening. However, most of our guests had already received the vaccine and the rest quarantined or got tested beforehand. 

My parents technically hosted the engagement party but we all know how much I love to throw a good party, so my influence was heavily apparent. We knew we’d probably have more festivities in honor of our upcoming nuptials, but wanted to kick it off with something that was light and fun, not covered in gifts or money. 

Knowing that you typically invite those at the engagement party to the wedding, we kept it close to our hearts with my bridal party and Garrett’s closest friends, and additionally, some in-town friends. We don’t know what the climate is going to look like when we actually tie the knot, so it’s easier to not over-estimate the guest list so far out. 

For our invitations, we used Paperless Post which is my favorite website to use for less intense events or ones that are typically laid back. There are plenty of options to choose from and it helped us keep it minimalistic, which is our entire vibe anyway. 

We had the event in Edmond, with lots of champagne and cornhole, especially with a side of Pie Junkie. It was the most relaxed afternoon and we couldn’t have felt more loved and celebrated than we did then and there. It was totally worth the wait of seeing and squeezing everyone while having the heaviness of a 2020-gone-wrong behind us. With so many guests coming in from out-of-state, we rented a huge AirBnB and hosted our friends so that the party never really ended. 

If this is what the beginning of our marriage looks like, I’m so excited for all of the celebrations to come!

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