Sweet Sunday No. 41

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The Good List: True crime podcasts, glasses of wine & being in bed well before nine

What I’m Here For

More Money, More Problems: I’ve been reading Money Diaries (it’s amazing, totally recommend) and it really had me thinking about how I spend my money during the week. With baseball in full swing, I’m really intrigued to track my spending throughout the first full week of baseball and see where I’m losing the most of my paycheck.

Lemons are Sour: I love all things lemon – pies, lemonade & the quick pattern fad we experienced in 2018! But, my Grandmother made the best lemon pie and it would be a disservice for me to attempt to make it. That being said, I am trying to eat out less during the next few months, because I know that once the boys are back in town, it’s be Chickfila and Taco Bell central. For my birthday, my brother gave me The Magnolia Cookbook so I made Jo’s lemon pie…it was amazing & actually so easy!

I Did a Thing: I made a major big girl purchase this weekend and bought my first MacBook Air! I’ve been using my work’s MacBook Pro for the past six months since my Dell PC burnt out on me and it was so exciting to make this purchase!

Self-Care: Wrapping up the final week of March, wow it’s so wild to say that, and I won’t need to hold myself accountable for the different self-care tasks each day, but I am definitely taking some of these and incorporating them into my life!

Day Twenty-Four: Sneak some leafy greens in your diet” I love salads but I was super on the go so I had to settle for a green smoothie. Drinking spinach counts as a salad, right?

Day Twenty-Five: Step away from your desk, at least once every other hour” I was going & going all day, so having the break a few times during the day was so rewarding.

Day Twenty-Six: Spend your evening with your favorite book” I’m currently reading The Bassoon King and it. is. so. good. I love Rainn Wilson so much and this book just brings him full circle. Plus there are excerpts from Dwight – a major win!

Day Twenty-Seven: Participate in a workout class you’ve been wanting to try out” I love SoulCycle so hitting up Cyclebar was a no brainer! Plus, they had a free ride on Wednesday so you know I was all for it.

Day Twenty-Eight: Drink 10 glasses of water” I have a really dependable app called Plant Nanny that I use to track my water intake throughout the day. I also keep my Cyclebar water bottle (holds three cups) at my desk and make sure I drink at least 10 servings of water during the day.

Day Twenty-Nine: Buy a bottle of champagne and celebrate yourself” I was in more of a sangria mood so I bought my favorite Lolea sangria and had a ball!

Day Thirty: Buy that cute clothing article you’ve had your eye on for a while” I’ve had my eye on these mules and this vest for what feels like forever! And this whole self-care notion gave me the final push I needed to buy them! I have the cutest shirts from Mode so I’m a big supporter of their brand and love perusing the racks!

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