Summer Bucket List

So, if you don’t know by now, I have traveled quite a few places. I have seen Germany, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Greece, France, Peru, Costa Rica, and of course, America.

Traveling is a really important hobby for me and something I am really passionate about. I adore living in new countries and learning their cultures through immersion as well as visiting them for a few days. To be cultured is so important when you live in such a narrow-minded world. I live for the moments that build me up and I enjoy the fact that I get to have a suitcase full of outrageous blessings.

But, I am employed full time and that makes checking off every item on my dream Bucket List more difficult than expected. So, for the time being and until I visit Africa in a couple of months, I am generating a summer bucket list. This will keep my wander lust at bay but also give me new and exciting adventures that I can tell you guys about each week on Wednesdays.

Here goes nothing with the list below…

Salty skin and sandy feet

Road trips with friends

Picking fresh blooms (you know I love them)

Surfing and ocean frolicking

Waterfalls and bush walking

Picnics, storms, and readings

Acoustic jams around bonfires

Picking strawberries

Bikinis and barefoot skating

Loving myself more

Yoga in the park

Acai and juices

Exploring and camping

Paddleboarding adventures

Star gazing and fire works

Local farmers’ markets

Biking everywhere

Early morning rises, runs, and sunsets…

Plenty of water and sleep

There you have it. If I space everything out, starting now, I will have 19 weeks to complete my summer bucket list and hopefully also get to check things off of my life’s bucket list. I’m excited for adventures and experiences. I love doing whatever I can do to make my heart fuller and my smile wider. Want to join in? Then please do. I’ll see you on Wednesday when we start this off right!

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